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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Gravid, Epilogue
colourful, hills
Title: Gravid
Rating: Probably M/15+
Pairing: Sherlock/Girl!John (Joan)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use.
Warnings: Very medical discussions of pregnancy, also violence and implied sex.
Summary: Another kinkmeme prompt (I really need to stay away from that site...) Sherlock and girl!John (Joan) get together. A few months down the line Reichenbach Falls happens. Turns out that Joan was pregnant and she never got to tell him. Sherlock defeats the rest of Moriarty's organisation in only a few months. The day he arrives back in London is actually the day that Joan is in labour. Established Sherlock/girl!John, so...technically het, but still feels like slash in my brain.

Part One

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


EpilogueCollapse )

These are awesome, and must go on my master image list!

(Deleted comment)
This was fantastic! I loved everybody's somewhat horrified reactions to the idea of a child combining Sherlock and Joan's genes. Labor during a hostage situation is really the only way I can imagine a baby entering the Holmes/Watson household that makes sense given who they are. Giving birth and promptly stabbing a bad guy in the neck is such a typically Watsonian thing to do.

Mycroft deserves to get punched in the nose. Hard. His intentions were aimed at protecting Joan and Sherlock, but man, what a prat.

The combined genes of scarily-brilliant consulting detective Sherlock Holmes and doctor/soldier/utter BAMF Joan would be something to be feared, I think :D

And yes, Mycroft was a bit of a bastard in this one, but given how controlling he seems to be, his character has a lot of potential for bastard-like behaviour, you know?

I just finished reading this story, and I must say, it's incredible! I've never read fem!John before and I loooove it. This fic has all the perfect touches of angst, fluff, and BAMF. Great job!

That was partly the appeal for me - the challenge of how to write Joan as still essentially 'John', you know? It's also partly why I was drawn to write 'Charlotte Francine Xavier'.

I regret not finding this story earlier.
It was wonderful and amazing and oh so in character and I now have such a warm feeling inside my heart and you are awesome for writing this and asssddfgghjk.

Just discovered this fic (and fandom, actually), and, in the words of Dr. Watson: That. Is. Brilliant. :)

This fic is so amazing. I went from flailing about in the "my soul is in a glass cage of emotion" / "why is there no thunderstorm to hide my screams and tears" to flailing about in the "oh god that's so adorable but I can't squee cause I'll wake up my entire college dorm" way.

I really enjoyed your story. Even through it was a genderbender it still felt like Sherlock and John. You conveyed Joan's pain and sense of loss at the beginning and then her anger and her feelings of betrayal when she finds out.

So Well done!

This is the only tale with a girl!John that I have liked, and come back to reread. Apologies for not letting you know the first time through just how good this is and how much enjoyment I got from the reading and rereading.

The characters are true, the voices sound just like they should, and the actions are right on. Of course Joan would be the one to put Moran down, it was the only way that made sense.

Am reading The Republic of Heaven as it comes out, again so well done, an excellent fusion of two very different fandoms.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into these lovely tales. Thank you for the enjoyment of seeing your name come up on Sherlock BBC. And again I apologize for not letting you know sooner...

*blinks at the screen* ....wow....

You are amazing..... ....wow...

Sorry, seemed to be stuck on "wow" there for a while. Gods, this is a great story! I usually don't read genderswitch stories because the characters are often quite out of character, but this was so totally them! Joan just as BAMF! as John and Sherlock treating her just the same.

This one is definitely going in the favorites file!

Thanks for sharing!

Eeee ♥ I'm generally in the anti-genderbend camp, too, but it was you writing it and I just couldn't resist, and I'm glad I didn't *g* That labor scene was the most incredibly badass thing. I could really feel the tenseness in the room, the fear and dread and uncertainty and the baby and and domestic!Johnlock (Joanlock?) makes me squeal like a crazyperson. (Eeeeeeee ♥)