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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Gravid, Epilogue
colourful, hills
Title: Gravid
Rating: Probably M/15+
Pairing: Sherlock/Girl!John (Joan)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use.
Warnings: Very medical discussions of pregnancy, also violence and implied sex.
Summary: Another kinkmeme prompt (I really need to stay away from that site...) Sherlock and girl!John (Joan) get together. A few months down the line Reichenbach Falls happens. Turns out that Joan was pregnant and she never got to tell him. Sherlock defeats the rest of Moriarty's organisation in only a few months. The day he arrives back in London is actually the day that Joan is in labour. Established Sherlock/girl!John, so...technically het, but still feels like slash in my brain.

Part One

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


EpilogueCollapse )

Nicely done. I do enjoy how in-character everyone is - especially Sherlock, who is too easily smushed by emotions into something unrecognizable.

Thanks! I actually saw writing Joan as more of a challenge - how to keep ehr essentially 'John', you know?

This is brilliant, and amazing. How you managed to keep it not only believable but awesome and always IC is nothing short of magical.

Thank you very much for sharing! :D

Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge, you know? Writing Joan in such a way that she was still 'John'.

And I do love canon references...

This was so wonderfully written. I sat down and read it straight through.


Just found this story while flicking through pages and my god this is wonderful!!! Joan was so fucking BAMF, giving birth and then immediately stabbing the shit out of an assassin threatening he baby. I really don't know how much more badass you can get. Awesome story! <3

Thanks! I was trying to write 'Joan' as still essentially 'John', which of course meant she'd be BAMF!

(Deleted comment)
I really liked the whole doctor aspect of the pregnancy - that is Girl!John is still a doctor and still experiences her own pregnancy with the mind and knowledge of a doctor. And that she takes her own age into consideration etc.

Your Joan is very much IC to John and I love that.

Mycroft feeling guilty was fitting and well written.

In short, this was amazing ♥

Thanks! I really wanted 'Joan' to still be very much 'John', you know? And as a doctor, I figured she'd know all about what was happening.

i don't like babies and labour terrifies me but this fic was awesome!

Wow, I'm not sure if Sherlock shouldn't put flowers on Moran's grave, don't think Joan would have forgiven him quite so quickly otherwise... This was fantastic, I have a weak spot for gender fics, and this just did it for me.

Thank you ever so much for this, you write the most wonderful stories!

Thanks! I'd never written genderswap before this, and wanted to keep Joan as still essentially 'John', you know?

I just gulped this story in :) And I absolutely adored, pregnancy fics somehow always get me.

Thank you for sharing:)
Memming it.

Ive never been a fan of girl john stories, but since it was you, I gave it a chance and of course, darn it--I LUFFED it truly.

the idea of a mini sherlockina had me in stitches. and joans birth scene when she stabs moran was so made of WIN. stupid fucker messing with a pissed off pregnant woman! lol.

and daddy sherlock is strangely growing on me like a fungus. See what you have done???!

Thanks! To me, writing genderswap was interesting because I wanted to see if I could keep Joan as still essentially 'John', you know?

awwww. normally i don't like it when people switch their sex, but this story was cute.

I don't usually like gender-bender fics and I have to admit that I only started reading this one because because I was bored and like your other stories. I have to admit, you did a wonderful job! Joan is just John with a different set of chromosomes, she's still Dr. Watson. And this is probably the only believable "Sherlock had a baby" story I'll ever read. I cannot conceive of any other way to do it now. Kudos!

I admit, that's partially why I wrote this prompt - the challenge of keeping 'Joan' as recognisably 'John', you know? Which, of course, means she's quietly competent and kicks ass like no other!

I loved this! It was interesting to see the stages of Joan's pregnancy and the effect it ended up having on Sherlock when he found out about it. I loved that even after just giving birth Joan was still badass and kill Moran.


Thanks! I was trying to write Joan as still recognisable as 'John', which of course, meant that she kicked ass like no other!

Loved the story! :D concidering I really don't read or like genderswap, this is just what I needed tonight! :D thank you for writing it! ^^ but I have a question; Are you from Norway? 'cause 'gravid' is the norwegian name for 'pragnant' xD

Thanks! And I'm not from Norway - in English 'Gravid' is a scientific term for pregnancy. Though it's awesome that it almost means pregnant in another language :D

Favorite moment was when Joan killed Moran. I was already thinking that not only do you NOT agitate a woman in labor but that this particular woman was not one you really wanted to mess with before she ripped his throat out. Sherlock's reaction was priceless.

Thanks! I figured John is badass in any form...