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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Gravid, Epilogue
colourful, hills
Title: Gravid
Rating: Probably M/15+
Pairing: Sherlock/Girl!John (Joan)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use.
Warnings: Very medical discussions of pregnancy, also violence and implied sex.
Summary: Another kinkmeme prompt (I really need to stay away from that site...) Sherlock and girl!John (Joan) get together. A few months down the line Reichenbach Falls happens. Turns out that Joan was pregnant and she never got to tell him. Sherlock defeats the rest of Moriarty's organisation in only a few months. The day he arrives back in London is actually the day that Joan is in labour. Established Sherlock/girl!John, so...technically het, but still feels like slash in my brain.

Part One

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


EpilogueCollapse )

No subject line is worthy.

Wow, when I saw you had posted, I got really excited because I really wanted to read John and notAnthea being BAMF together, and I was a little disappointed when I found out that it was a girl!John story. Usually I don't like those as much, but I read this and OMG this was amazing! Only John, in any form, could totally take out a ex-military crazy-stalker-minion WITH A GUN seconds after *labor*.

So thank you for the epic win that is this story...looking forward to Semper Fidelis! :D

Re: No subject line is worthy.


I finally got to read it and omg I love it! Thank you for such an awesome fill!

If ever there was a fandom of mine that I would have thought absolutely positively could not reasonably support baby!fic, it would be this one.

You have proven me wrong. Fluently.

This story is beautiful, such a painful tale overall but some great funny moments, and I adore how your Joan is just so perfectly John. John with ovaries.

I read this on my phone at work, in the middle of the birth scene my boss walked in to find me on the edge of my seat gripping the phone and scrolling rapidly. Had to put it down and tend to business for a bit, finally came home and bookmarked it to read again later on a larger screen. What I mean to say is, I enjoyed this. Nicely done.

Thanks! That's part of the reason I was interested in writing this fic in the first place - Sherlock and 'Joan' with a baby...how does it work?

And I wanted 'Joan' to be essentially 'John' (with different reproductive organs), so I'm glad you think I managed it!

....what have you done to me....what has this FANDOM done to me?! I could have SWEAR that I was never a fan of genderswap before this! But this is just...sooo good! WHY?! Why did you do this to me?!! (i.e. great story, love, as always!)

Thanks! I'm not usually a fan of genderswap, myself, but something about this prompt just called to me.

Just popping in to say this is great. Like so many others, I'd have never thought female!john would work, but man did you make it happen. Your attention to detail helps--sherlock on the bus as the old man, just like in canon, etc--as does your very fluid writing. You've got Mycroft down perfectly, too.

Thanks! And I like sneaking little canon touches into my story whenever I can...

This is BRILLIANT. I'm not a big fan of genderswap normally, but Joan here is so perfectly John that it works. I love how you've worked in all the characters. And I like that Joan's life doesn't stop after Sherlock disappears. She keeps working, she keeps hanging out with the Yarders, and it's not anything melodramatic like "keeping it together for the baby"--of course she misses Sherlock, of course she grieves, but life does go on.

I also love the ways you've pointed out that Sherlock does have the potential to be a very good father--observing the baby's body language, always up at night anyway. Fandom overall tends to assume that Sherlock would be useless with a baby, and it's good to see a different viewpoint.

Also, the PLOT. With Moran and the handcuffs and the impromptu delivery and the NAIL SCISSORS. This fic is just all kinds of win in all sorts of ways.

Thanks! I'm not usually a fan of genderswap myself, but I thought it would be interesting to see if I could write 'Joan' and still keep her essentially 'John', you know?

It's one in the morning....and I have to be up at 8 for dental surgery. But God help me I needed to finish this in one go. It was fucking glorious. I was crying and gasping, laughing and sighing. You're so amazing. This was so well written and emotional. I truely loved it.

I love that you didn't have Joan just faint away or auto-forgive Sherlock for letting her think he was dead for so long. It was a lot more true to the what she felt instead of dismissing it for the sake of 'romance.'

Thanks! I felt she couldn't just dismiss it - after all, letting someone think you were dead is very much 'not good'.

Cute. Sweet. And Watson was badass (of which I always approve).

Don't usually enjoy (permanent) gender AUs, but this one wasn't a hardship to read. ;-) My favorite part of the fic remains the sheer horror of everyone's responses to the idea of mini!manic!Sherlock.

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! I figured most people would be kind of horrified at the idea of Sherlock spawning...

Thankyou so much for this epic story! I love genderswap!watson stories and Sherlock makes such a great father lol xx

You rule:)

Oh, this was BRILLIANT. Like apparently every other person on here, I read the summary with some sceptisism, but I have revision to do, so I figured I'd give it a shot, and I'm SO GLAD I did. I've now read it three times. You handled just about all of it perfectly - from John-to-Joan to Mycroft to the birth scene and everything in between.

Except now I want more from this universe. I want fanfiction for your fanfiction. Any chance of a oneshot? Mycroft's “I assure you, whatever you have to say on the subject, my brother has already said. At considerable volume and interspersed with derogatory and entirely unnecessary comments,” has me dying to know exactly what went down between the two brothers.

My favourite line was “But Joan, try to bear this in mind – there are three things my brother loves; the sound of his violin, the puzzle of his cases, and your company. He did without all three to keep you safe.” Not sure why, but it seemed to sum everything up perfectly.

Anyway. I'll stop babbling now. LOVED IT.

Thanks! As for more...I don't know. I'm getting a strange urge to write a prequel about how they get together and maybe Sherlock's POV for Reichenbach, but I have so many other projects going on it might be a while.

I'm not normally a fan of genderswap but this was just excellent! I loved it!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! And things ARE better here now, thanks - at least, for me. The waters have gone down and we've got to cleaning up.

Loved this story!
Especially disguised Sherlock who only wanted to see Joan for a bit, and ended up totally awed of the fact that she was pregnant.

Thanks! I love sneaking in touches of ACD canon!

Brilliant! Fun, sweet, BAMF!John and absolutely perfect! Loved it!