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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Semper Fidelis, Part Two
colourful, hills
Title: Semper Fidelis
Rating: Probably an R
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Violence, sex
Summary: Written for a kinkmeme prompt: Moriarty frames John and "Anthea" of betrayals which cause both of the Holmes brothers to cut them off. Cue BAMF!John and BAMF!"Anthea" doing their best to clear their names. Both het and slash; Mycroft/Anthea and John/Sherlock.

(Title page by [info]mabivia)

Part One


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Oh man they were both so HOT and calm and collected. Mycroft and Sherlock aren't the only BAMF brothers around *nods* This is just amazing. I hope Mycroft and Sherlock realize how idiotic they've been and get their asses handed back to them!

Thanks! And I'm planning on a large helping of guilt for both Mycroft and Sherlock when they realise what's really happened...

Must be honest here, I was a little wary of the BAMF!John, only because I've read some fics where the BAMF is a bit vague or debatable, but John really IS fantastic. The setup is well done, kudos to Moriarty, and I love how Anthea knows all the ways to avoid Mycroft and his operatives while John manages to keep calm and collected for the most part. You have him handle situations with truly in-character competence, for a war veteran. This is absolutely brilliant, and I cannot wait to see all the different disguises this dynamic duo come up with. Debating with a friend whether Mycroft and Sherlock will be watching their movements closely or if they'll try to distance themselves.
Can't wait for the next update, I'm on the edge of my seat!

Thanks! I love writing BAMF!John - it's so much fun. I can picture him being a bit out of his depth with all the cloak and dagger stuff, but as soon as someone's directly attacking them, he's in his element.

Oh, the BAMF-assery here is FANTABULOUS. Also, I want to smack the Brothers Holmes' head together and go "HELLO? REALLY?"

Please feel free to continue writing and posting and generally be a wonderful fic writer :)

Thanks! And reconciliation won't be easy for the Holmes' brothers after this...

Oh wow, I love this. So intense. BAMF John is always a joy to read.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter(s). <3

Thanks! I love writing BAMF!John!

My God, that was... SUPERB! BAMF John, yay! We don't see enough of it! ;D
I really like your writing style, especially action fragments. You make it very graphic, but general enough to grasp what's going on. :D

Thanks! I love writing John as a badass!

Wow, I'm completely hooked, as always.

Thank you!

This story has got off to a really exciting start - I'm looking forward eagerly to the next update!
Thank you.

I am checking here every day and now FINALLY there's an update. *happy dance*
This is so amazing, like an action movie - only better. Gosh, both of them are such BAMFs! *celebrates BAMFness* Moriarty just isn't giving them a break...
I am so glad you've updated! Will check back every day once more, haha.

Thanks! And I'm trying for a sort of spy thriller/action movie vibe...

Loved this! Badass John and Badass Anthea add up to a great duo!

I also loved the cinematic nature of the fight-scene - rock on!

And thanks for all your help :D

Ahhhh, this is brilliant. They make such a brilliant team, and they're probably the only people in the world who could hide from Mycroft and Sherlock for any length...love it :D

Thanks! And that's just what I was going for - they're badasses in very different ways, so between the two of them they have all the bases covered.


:: does Snoopy dance of joy::

Been waiting for this since you posted Republic and you haven't disappointed.

John was so many kinds of awesome, I'm positively vibrating with the feeling of how kiss-assingly good he was. It was nice to see Anthea slightly stunned too.

Oh I think the Holmes brothers have seriously underestimated these two. They need to crawling on hands and knees by the time this is finished, begging for forgiveness.

Can't WAIT to see what John and Anthea do next.

Re: Well DAAAMMNNN....

Thanks! I love writing BAMF!John...

Thank you!
It’s nice to see someone realizes the shot John made in Pink was an Olympic caliber shot especially with a pistol.

Though I’m shocked John hasn’t insisted on his own little shopping spree. Motion detectors on spotlights make great delay triggers. Medical supply stores and hair saloons can fillfull needs for explosives, knock-out gas, and smoke screens, ect.

That's Salons. Sorry about that. :)

I was just thinking about this fic yesterday, and here's a new chapter! This is totally gripping.

Ahh, omg, this was amazing! I have such a weak spot for BAMF!John, and there he was in all his glory! And surely the fact that the police were left alive will leave some questions! Mycroft and Sherlock should definitely be forced to question themselves!!

I am very eagerly waiting for more :D

Thanks! I love writing BAMF!John...

Loved how much of a good team they made here. They each had their own expertise. Anthea knew how to get around and where to go, and John was smart enough to let her lead while still having his contributions to make. And Anthea was smart enough to let the military man take over when that was called for without ever becoming helpless even while injured. I like that neither of them are perfect but both of them have depth.

Thanks! And that's exactly what I was going for - both of them are badass in very different ways, so between the two of them they have all the bases covered.