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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - The Republic of Heaven, Part Six (contd.)
colourful, hills
Title: The Republic of Heaven
Rating: Might be verging into M (15+)
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Eventual slash, Sherlock/John.
Summary: HDM AU.  John and Amarisa try to survive their abduction, Sarah takes a long, hard look at her relationship with John, and Sherlock and Raniel want to take a significant step in their relationship with John and Amarisa...

(Title page by birddi )

Part One: The Architecture of Our Lives
Part Two: Stepping Stones
Part Three: Foundations
Part Four: Shadowed Archways
Part Five: Buried Labyrinths
Part Six: Crossing The River
Part Six: Crossing The River (contd.)Collapse )Part Twelve: The ReaderPart Six: Crossing The River (contd.)Collapse )

Popping in from the Sherlock community to say that this is probably the best HDM/Sherlock crossover out there, as well as one of the best Sherlock fics I've read. They're all so... them!

*pops head 'round the corner* Been stalking this and I've gotta say this: gotta love 'Evil'!Mycroft *giggles*. And Sherlock's reaction to the death-spells and John knowing Mummy is Master card-priceless! Sherlock and John best get their act together. Even to Mycroft it's obvious. Update soon! *goes back to stalking*

Thanks! I could just picture Mycroft gloating a bit whenever he knows something Sherlock doesn't.

I've just read this entire fic thus far, and I must say it's utterly brilliant! I adore how it is woven into the canon episodes, but still has so much to offer of its own.

Raniel and Amarisa are complex and fascinating reflections of their human's personalities, and I keep giggling with glee anytime one of them gives away Sherlock or John's true emotions. No hiding from your attraction, boys!

I am so excited, I can't wait for the next installment to come out. Prophecies! Moriarty! Mummy! It's going to be epic! (and that's to say nothing of the inevitable moment in which Sherlock and John finally get over themselves and snog like bunnies)

Thanks! I love writing the dæmons - to me, they're almost a way of underlining their human's actions or expressing something their human probably wouldn't say in words, you know? It makes them a lot of fun to play with.







This is an AMAZING story. Seriously amazing.

Holy shit! This is so awesome! Love everything about this fic. So so much love!

YAY! Updates make me so happy! More please!

So excited to see this updated.

Still remains one of my favourites! :

Looking forward to finding out more about this prophecy! :D

Thanks! And there will be more about the prophecy in the next part...

I love this kind of WIP that gets better with each installment. Yay more! :D

I think this is my favourite chapter so far. I loved John's reaction to learning of Sherlock's parentage - 'Oh, look, what a small world, let's make some tea' while Mycroft was all smug and Sherlock was furious at being the last to know xDD Not to mention Mycroft's daemon's look when it sees how Raniel acts around Amarisa.

And I enjoyed so much reading the parts where Sherlock and Raniel ar trying to figure out their feelings for John and Amarisa, not quite aknowledging that what they're feeling because of Sarah is jealousy.

I hope you don't mind that I've added you to my f-list to keep better track of your updates. Posts tend to get lost on sherlockbbc's traffic.

Thanks! I could just picture John being very calm about Sherlock's parentage.

And feel free to friend me :D

My arms hurt.

I do wonder if Moriarty will be appearing, now that you've begun deviating from the episodic canon. I can just see him with a mythical creature daemon, being all insane xD Esp. if he's working with the evil witch clan to keep tabs on John now that he's back in England. Or maybe he's daemonless. Who knows? I DON'T because this is your story of awesome!

*continues to stalk fic*

Thanks! And yes, Moriarty WILL be making an appearance, though not with a mythical creature dæmon - to me, they're more of a hallmark of delusions than Moriarty's psychosis.

I love this story so much, and it keeps getting better and better!

I imagine that John and Sherlock are going to have a fascinating conversation once Mycroft leaves. Also, I wonder if Sherlock realises that Mycroft's got a magic umbrella...

Thanks! And yes, I imagine Sherlock's going to want to discuss some things with John...

\o/ The reveal to Sherlock was everything I was hoping for. And Mycroft! So smug. Hee hee. And of course now both Mycroft and presumably Mummy, once Nostrepheus goes back to her, know that Sherlock is a bit... attached. This gets better and better every chapter. *happy sigh*

Thanks! I could just see Mycroft being very smug and just a little bit gloating when he knows something Sherlock doesn't.

Oh, this is great! I love Sherlocks reactions!^^ It's beautiful and cute and totally awsome! And Mycroft! Yeah, it is a small world isn't it? I'm very curious about that prophesy. Oh, this gets better and better! Looking forward to the next chapter!

Thanks! I can picture Mycroft being very smug and perhaps a little gloating when he knows something Sherlock doesn't.

Ahhhh, it's so good to come back from holiday to find this absolute gem of a chapter :DDD I absolutely adore the way you expand on Pullman's world-- the nature of touching another person's daemon, for example. Absolutely perfect explanation. The conversation between Sherlock and Raniel in the bedroom was beautifully done and so intimate.

Concussed!John was written very well-- I had a massive concussion this summer and it was pretty much exactly as you describe, though thankfully without the crime syndicate and kidnapping :p Another improvement on TBB as well ^^

Good old sensible Sarah. I liked the little look into her view of John and Sherlock's relationship, and the moment of Raniel getting close to John. Your Sarah is intelligent, brave and thoughtful.

I'm glad we had the "Mummy" reveal, and that John took it all in stride whilst Sherlock freaked out XD Poor Sherlock, everyone knows something he doesn't! Nostrepheus watching Sherlock and Mycroft bicker with disapproval made me giggle.

Ohhhh but how could you leave it there?! How!? I am so utterly intrigued by this plot you're weaving, and I cannot wait to see how it all ties together.

Thanks! Glad concussed!John felt real to you - never having been concussed myself, I was a bit worried about that.

And I always thought that dæmons would probably let you know relatively quickly whether a relationship was worth pursuing or not, you know?