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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Image Masterlist
colourful, hills
There's been some awesome fanart done formy stories, and I wanted to be able to find it quickly and easily.  The solution - a Masterlist!

The Republic of Heaven:

A photoshop of Amarisa and Raniel here, by caoilin_noir

Two collections of sketches, one of Amarisa and the other of Raniel, by songgoeson, also a sketch of John and Amarisa sleeping, and one of Raniel and Sherlock with Raniel curling up on the pillow.

A Christmas drawing and an illustration of a scene from Part Four, by eksdan

By birddi : a title page, as well as pictures of Sherlock and Raniel, John and Amarisa, and Raniel and Amarisa

A drawing of Amarisa by lightflooby

A wallpaper of all four main characters by anuminis

Sherlock and Raniel and John and Amarisa, both oil on canvas by artconserv

An illustration from Part Eight, of John and Amarisa at the pool, by xxxxxx_6x

A rough sketch of all four main characters, by sognagil

Another photoshop of Amarisa and Raniel, by yasei_raiden


A title page as well as a spacer, by birddi


A poster, by basingstoke

A drawing of Sherlock and Joan by ike on mtslash

A title page and comic by birddi

Semper Fidelis:

A poster and title page by mabivia

onefoolsfollywas also inspired to make a gif of John in 'the-fuzzy-cable-knit-sweater-of-nothing-to-see-here'.

A cover page by moonblossom

Deceiving Appearances:

A title page by birddi

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Ooo! Thanks for sharing these! Lovely drawings all round - the last one completely melted my heart!

Raniel/Amarisa = my OTP!

I know, right! I love all of these like I love little puppies and kittens, but that last one...words cannot express my love for that one. (Plus, everyone's expressions at the end turn a beautifully tender moment into absolute hilarity!)

Those are amazing! I'll have to link to them in the post...and maybe make the first a sort of title page for the story...

Also wonderful! I love the title page, and the boys with their dæmons, and Amarisa and Raniel curled up together - it's all brilliant! Though if I had to pick a favourite, it would be John and Amarisa - they just look so natural and right!

I've been on a drawing kick again (anything to get out of writing Masters essays...), and I've got a couple more Republic of Heaven sketches :) This universe is addictive, I hope you realise that! :p

John and Amarisa. I love how you describe John and Amarisa sleeping close together, even though there's really no room for them both in bed, so this is kind of inspired by that :)

Sherlock and Raniel. Pretty sketchy-- Cumber!Holmes is tough to draw. The scene of Sherlock and Raniel talking in bed stuck in my mind, so this is a bit like that, with them trying to be a bit more affectionate with each other.

Okay, now I have no excuse and should get back to work...

Those are gorgeous! I especially love John and Amarisa, though I don't know why - maybe because it looks like they just threw themselves down on the bed and went to sleep straight away, and I can't help but imagine this is on one of those nights when they've been running around London with Sherlock and Raniel and have only four hours before they have to go to work...

I love it, Judy Dench as Mummy, makes me so happy. I love her, she's just classy, sharp, funny and beautiful, with the ability to take on anyone. At least I think so.

I couldn't help making another something for Semper Fidelis given how moving I've found your story. Hope you like it


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I couldn't help thinking of John's blood from his poor feet.

That's amazing! It's totally a title page - do you mind if I put it in front of my chapters from now on?

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