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Image Masterlist

There's been some awesome fanart done formy stories, and I wanted to be able to find it quickly and easily.  The solution - a Masterlist!

The Republic of Heaven:

A photoshop of Amarisa and Raniel here, by caoilin_noir

Two collections of sketches, one of Amarisa and the other of Raniel, by songgoeson, also a sketch of John and Amarisa sleeping, and one of Raniel and Sherlock with Raniel curling up on the pillow.

A Christmas drawing and an illustration of a scene from Part Four, by eksdan

By birddi : a title page, as well as pictures of Sherlock and Raniel, John and Amarisa, and Raniel and Amarisa

A drawing of Amarisa by lightflooby

A wallpaper of all four main characters by anuminis

Sherlock and Raniel and John and Amarisa, both oil on canvas by artconserv

An illustration from Part Eight, of John and Amarisa at the pool, by xxxxxx_6x

A rough sketch of all four main characters, by sognagil

Another photoshop of Amarisa and Raniel, by yasei_raiden


A title page as well as a spacer, by birddi


A poster, by basingstoke

A drawing of Sherlock and Joan by ike on mtslash

A title page and comic by birddi

Semper Fidelis:

A poster and title page by mabivia

onefoolsfollywas also inspired to make a gif of John in 'the-fuzzy-cable-knit-sweater-of-nothing-to-see-here'.

A cover page by moonblossom

Deceiving Appearances:

A title page by birddi

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