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Fanfic Masterlist

A compilation of all my fanfic written thus far. I figured it would save people from flipping through my tags or my archive (and it makes it much easier for me to find everything).

There used to be some wonderful title pages on this post, but as it got longer they started to make my formatting spasm and die at random, so they can be found on my master image post now!


Sherlock Fic

Reaction (R/NC-17) Complete

Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Before shoving him in the explosive vest, Moriarty fucked John, viciously. Non-con and slash, please heed the rating. Sherlock/John.

Part One : Part Two : Part Three : Part Four : Part Five : Part Six : Part Seven : Part Eight : Part Nine : Part Ten : Part Eleven : Part Twelve

Chinese translation by kiy900
Korean translation by lumister

The Plan (M/15+)

John had a plan, and its name was Get Some Sex.  And the capitals were most certainly necessary.  Featuring John as an adjusted bisexual, and Sherlock with plans of his own.  Slash, implications of sex, Sherlock/John.
Podfic b themusecalliope

Chinese translation by sherryeris

Deceiving Appearances (PG-13)

Written for a kinkmeme prompt that essentially boiled down to: Moran doesn't think much of John Watson.  Until their paths cross and John beats the crap out of him. Featuring Moran being a little too overconfident for his own good, and John being a badass.
Podfic by themusecalliope or listen to the new version

Gravid (M/15+) Complete

Written for a kinkmeme prompt: Sherlock and girl!John get together, then Reichenbach happens and Joan finds herself pregnant.  Sherlock brings down Moriarty's organisation within a few months, and the day he gets back to London is the day Joan goes into labour. Violence, implied sex, very medical discussions of pregnancy, Sherlock/girl!John.

Part One : Part Two : Part Three : Part Four : Epilogue

Chinese translation by twilight_s
Podfic by themusecalliope(links in individual chapters)

The Republic of Heaven (PG-13 - NC-17) WIP

His Dark Materials AU. John and his dæmon, Amarisa, have never quite fit in, largely because she settled as a wolfdog. Sherlock and Raniel are similarly isolated, mostly because the woman they call Mummy is a witch. These two men and their dæmons end up sharing a flat together and the rest, as they say, is history. And with a witch-clan out for John's blood and a man known as Moriarty emerging from the shadows, they're certainly not going to be bored. Slash, eventual Sherlock/John

Part One : Part Two : Part Three (1) : Part Three (2) : Part Four (1) : Part Four (2) : Part Five (1) : Part Five (2) : Part Six (1) : Part Six (2) : Part Seven (1) : Part Seven (2) Part Eight (1) : Part Eight (2) : Part Nine (1) : Part Nine (2) : Part Ten (1) : Part Ten (2) : Part Eleven (1) : Part Eleven (2) : Part Twelve (1) : Part Twelve (2) : Part Thirteen (1) : Part Thirteen (2) : Part Fourteen (1) : Part Fourteen (2) : Part Fifteen (1) : Part Fifteen (2)

Chinese translation by victoria940401
Podfic by themusecalliope(links in individual chapters)

Howl (PG-13)

Part of The Republic of Heaven universe: Many people have had an opinion on Amarisa's form throughout John's life – his sister, his father, his counsellor, his sergeant, Ragnvald, Mycroft, and eventually, Sherlock. Sherlock/John implications at the end, but more of a study on the different ways people have reacted to Amarisa and John over the years.
Podfic by themusecalliope

Chinese translation by sherryeris

Thought and Memory (PG-13)

Part of The Republic of Heaven universe. Seven glimpses at Mycroft and Tehayla, and the way they view their world. Largely gen, but some very peripheral Sherlock/John.
Podfic by themusecalliope
Chinese translation by sherryeris

Semper Fidelis (R) Complete

Written for a kinkmeme prompt: Moriarty frames John and "Anthea" of betrayals which cause both of the Holmes brothers to cut them off. Cue BAMF!John and BAMF!"Anthea" doing their best to clear their names. Both het and slash; Mycroft/Anthea and John/Sherlock.

Chinese translation by moon_19
Spanish translation by ertal77
Podfic by katie_belikov(links in individual chapters)

Five Times Sherlock's Gender Didn't Matter (M/15+)

Written for a kinkmeme prompt: Instead of being amused/grateful for John's intervention at the end of A Study In Pink, female!Sherlock is coldly furious with John for rescuing her - she gets enough of that sexist smothering from her brother and Lestrade.  John, of course, explains that he didn't go after her because she's a woman, but because she's an idiot and kind of insane. Genderswap, implied violence, rather explicit discussions of sex.  Girl!Sherlock/John.
Podfic by themusecalliope

Chinese translation by sherryeris

Faerie-Touched (M/15+) Complete

AU. In a world of sorcerers and magic, Sherlock is a Faerie-born and John, lacking any kind of magical talent, often seems a bit out of place.  But he has a gift of his own...  Slash, Sherlock/John.

Podfic by themusecalliope

One in Ten Thousand (PG-13)

John has unusual mobility for a shoulder injury, and after The Great Game, Sherlock finds out why.  Gen, but could be interpreted as pre-slash.
Podfic by themusecalliope: with sound effects : without sound effects
Chinese translation by sherryeris

Mathematics (PG)

It isn’t bravery that makes John so willing to risk his life for Sherlock.  At least, he doesn’t think it is – it’s just simple mathematics.  John/Sherlock implied, Reichenbach spoilers.

Podfic by themusecalliope
Polish translation by Skowronek

Empathy (M/15+) Complete

John is an empath.  Which isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds.  Most of the time, it’s not even useful.  Slash, Sherlock/John.  Disregards season 3.

X-Men Fic

Charlotte Francine Xavier (R/NC-17) Complete

Genderswap.  Written for a kinkmeme prompt looking at how the events of the movie would have changed if Charles was a woman.  Erik/always-a-girl!Charles, dark subject matter.

Sex and Telepathy (R/NC-17)

Most people can't pinpoint the moment when they first became aware of sex.  Charles can.  Just a quick look at Charles' telepathy and how it might shape his attitude towards sex.  Slash, Charles/Erik, allusions to child abuse and homophobia.

Supernatural Fic

Marked (PG-13)

Dean/Cas, pre-slash.  A brief interlude set immediately after 5x08. Castiel could have raised Dean from Hell without marking him.  He
intended to, in fact.  But once he’d grasped Dean’s soul, Dean…refused to let go.

Podfic by themusecalliope

Holding On and Letting Go (PG)

Dean/Cas.  The tablet gives them a shot at a happy ending.  But everything requires a sacrifice... Character death and lots of angst.

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