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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Deceiving Appearances
colourful, hills
Title: Deceiving Appearances
Rating: Probably only PG
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use.
Warnings: Violence
Summary: Oneshot, written for a kinkmeme prompt that essentially boiled down to: Moran doesn't think much of John Watson.  Until their paths cross and John beats the crap out of him.  Featuring Moran being a little too overconfident for his own good, and John being a badass.

Deceiving AppearancesCollapse )
There's now podfic of this story available; two, to be precise, the original and one created more recently, both read by the wonderful themusecalliope

amazing - so well written and beautifully finished.

I loved this so much! Moran Moran Moran!!! BAMF!John!!!! And so many ACD moments...

Total win!


And thank you for your help :D

Anyway, back to writing RoH (I'm already nine pages into the next part!)

I shreiked. I flailed. I did a mating dance.

This story and I are in love and we are running off to vegas to get married. Do. Not. Judge. Our Love.

Aww...as the proud parent, do I get to give the story away?

Oh, this was lovely! I simply adore how you've written John here through the eyes of Moran. Very, very satisfying. :D

Thanks! I love writing badass!John!

I think... no, no, I'm sure... that this is my very favorite BAMF Watson ever. He's just... oh. So devastatingly dangerous, competent, and sexy. Oh my. And I love how Moran can't even deal. Ha.

Thanks! I love writing badass!John - it's so much fun!

*supersonic muppetflails of earthshattering squee ensue*

Okay, I officially love this. Love it gargantuanly lots. Having it from Moran's POV just MADE this, though the premise alone was worth its weight in warm fuzzy kitties.

You are officially made of raw, uncultured awesome. Your street-value will be astronomical.


Thanks! I adore badass!John so much it's kind of scary...

Oh, hello. This was about twelve different flavours of awesome. BAMF!John is my favourite.

Thanks! I love writing badass!John!

Hmm... I almost want more. Almost.

Hello! I'm the OP from the kink meme, and I was unbelievably excited when I saw that you filled my prompt. I love your other fics, and this one is just as brilliant. Can't wait to read more of your work!

*The reader's mind is out right now, leave a message at the beep.*



This is brilliant! I love the descriptions; actually, I love everything. But I especially love BAMF!John and wolf-in-sheep's-clothing!John &hearts Perfectly incorporated and it made me lol :)

Wait...on second thought, my wording may be unclear. The idea that John is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing was perfectly incorporated and that was also what made me lol. The rest of the story was too fierce to lol about.
I have a feeling that this is still not the most coherent thing I have ever written (at the same it's not the least coherent thing I have ever written), but I think it's probably clear enough. I can't think over the sound of how badass John is :D

Ooh, wowowow. Chilling. Vividly described and exquisitely written. Wow.

Thanks! I love writing badass!John!


That's really all I have to say about this.