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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Reaction, Final Part
colourful, hills
Title: Reaction
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Non-con and slash, Sherlock/John.
Summary: Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Before shoving him in the explosive vest, Moriarty fucked John, viciously. John makes it through the whole encounter with Moriarty and Homles via his own badass soldier nerves of steel, but afterwards, when he and Sherlock are admitted to the hospital for minor burns and abrasions and shock, the hospital staff find other injuries on John.

(Title page by [info]birddi)

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Part TwelveCollapse )


Fantastic. I vote for a sequel.

this story, character interpretation, psychological description, your writing style, It's.. perfect. I absolutely love this, admire your affection for Sherlock. So I want more many other Korean girls read this story. do you mind if i translate your work into Korean?

if you let me translate, I translate it into Korean in my blog. and of course, link to your website address so people know where it's from.

for more details, I sent you message. waiting for your answer. :)

I know lots of people have been telling you how wonderfully fabulously you handled this fic- just need to put my love for it in, too <3 This fic is amazing- yes, yes, I would have loved if it were continued, but they both admitted to feelings! That's something at least! and again, so wonderful ;3; And not as dark (at least to me) as most rape-fics. It mostly had to do with how John handled it, I think. Yes, traumatized, but also logical and- I don't know, it was just fabulous. Now to read your other fics! <3

This is like a bad car accident

You want to look away, really... But you find you just can not, it is too engrossing. What a ride!
Yep. I totally see this. And your boys are so"totally themselves it is scary. Ican see John relaxing and sighing in relief when Sherlock responds to his query with,"we'll just continue on as we've always been.". And the best part is he does not even realize that is exactly what John needs to hear at that moment. Just lovely. Thanks for writing this.
Sabrina the kitty and her human Jenn.

Re: This is like a bad car accident

Thanks! Characterisation is something I worry about (especially in a situation like this), so I'm glad you think it worked.

Very nice! I like how you ended it, leaving John with lots of physical and mental healing to get through, but loads of love and hope.
I wonder if you will ever return to this 'verse to tell the story of Moriarty's punishment, or John and Sherlock's growing relationship? I'd love to see it.

Thanks! And I don't think there'll be a sequel - this story feels finished, you know?

Beautiful work. You did a marvelous job illustrating the horror and trauma of rape and its aftermath. The PTSD is portrayed vividly and accurately in a way that lets us really feel with and for John. And Sherlock's reactions are priceless. Heartfelt and genuine even as they take him by surprise. I love the slow revelation and layers of feeling between these two, and the fundamental respect they share for one another. Marvelously told.

i enjoyed 'lovely reaction' ! wow~!


i love this story. omg. thank you!

next time,do you write other story with sherlock x jhon?
i expect onother story written by you!!!! ;0;

Re: i enjoyed 'lovely reaction' ! wow~!

▽Speak twice, sorry..ㅠ_ㅠ

i enjoyed 'lovely reaction' ! wow~!


i love this story. omg. thank you!

next time,do you write other story with sherlock x jhon?
i expect onother story written by you!!!!:) but...
if you already have updated another fanfic on internet site,
would you recommend fic?

Re: i enjoyed 'lovely reaction' ! wow~!

Thanks! I've posted all my fic to this journal - if you click the 'recent entries' link, you'll find my masterlist.

That was a gorgeous piece all the way through! I read it all at once, even though I had been meaning to go to bed. :P

*Hearts in eyes* Happy
I am happy
this is really, Really Nice
You rock

I have a problem usually reading non-con at times, especially if I am upset or anxious so I admit that it took me two tries to read this story. You are one of the few writers that I have ever read that dealt honestly and realistically with a rape victim. The fact that you did and that even though they admited to loving one another there was no sex and not even a kiss made me happy. In my opinion it would have ruined the story had you done either. I hope at some point you think of doing a sequel showing Jim getting what he deserves. However, if you never do I can say that this story touched me deeply and I am glad I finished reading it.


I don't really have plans for a sequel - this story was a lot darker than I usually write, and I'm not sure I want to revisit it, you know?

Amazing. I can hardly even react to this, it's so intense.

But great. A solid, entertaining, engaging, upsetting read. One of the best I've ever seen.

Thanks. This was a very intense story to write, and I'm amazed at how many people say it resonated with them.

Fantastic story - hard going in places, but very much worth it :)


Wow, I know I'm late in finding this but I just wanted to thank you. I love h/c so much, but it's so hard to find ones that are written well. Your characterizations were spot-on, I mean truly, absolutely fantastic and totally believable, which made it all the more heartbreaking. Living with a soldier of the Iraq wars I have to say you've covered PTSD and it's progression expertly and your medical descriptions were accurate and believable. Believable, beautiful and heartbreaking with the promise of light at the end. Amazing, well done.

Thanks! It was difficult to write something so very visceral, so I'm always pleased when people tell me I pulled it off well.