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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - Reaction, Part Eight
colourful, hills
Title: Reaction
Rating: R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Non-con and slash, Sherlock/John.
Summary: Written for a prompt on the kinkmeme: Before shoving him in the explosive vest, Moriarty fucked John, viciously. John makes it through the whole encounter with Moriarty and Homles via his own badass soldier nerves of steel, but afterwards, when he and Sherlock are admitted to the hospital for minor burns and abrasions and shock, the hospital staff find other injuries on John.

(Title page by [info]birddi)

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oh wow, what a good chapter, I adore this fic. You write it so well :)

Hang in there boys, it will improve, it'll just take time.

I hope John will learn to go easy on himself. The more he tries to bottle it up and force himself to be normal, the worse it will be when it all gets too much.

And Sherlock; I love that he's being so solicitous of John even though he's out of his depth most of the time, but I hope he will start to see John's need for their version of normal- the tv-mocking, Sherlock's habit of doing the opposite of what John wants half the time, to name a few.


John doesn't strike me as the type to go easy on himself. Even though he probably knows better, I can just see him constantly wondering why he can't just shake this off, and why he isn't over it yet.

I don't normally read non-con

Unfortunately, most fic that contains non-con falls into the rape-as-romance category, which I find profoundly disturbing. I'm actually quite glad I did read this. You've taken it seriously. While I'm not a fan of painting Moriarty as the, "Deranged Gay," I do believe the character to be so completely amoral and depraved, that this is not out of character. I simply DON'T believe Moriarty is gay. You've accurately painted rape as an act of power, and you've VERY accurately painted the aftermath. The rage and self-loathing, the impulse to self-harm, the shame and the inability to speak. I was unable to speak, aside of minimum day-to-day functioning, for ten months. Beyond that, it's a very well-written fic, with excellent characterisation. Fine brush-strokes, and very subtle development of the relationship between John and Sherlock. Word of warning, if you're planning on bringing that to the fore - do it very, very slowly. It looks like you've done a fair bit of research, but the body numbness can be incredibly long-lasting. It can be permanent, regardless of how much help and love one has. It's often ten times worse for men, because it causes even more cognitive dissonance with self-concept than it does for women.

Re: I don't normally read non-con

I'm pretty ambiguous in regards to Moriarty's sexuality, as in, I think it's debatable he even has one. I mean, to have any particular feelings about sex you have to regard other people as...well, as people, and that's something he just doesn't seem to do.

As to J/S relationship...I don't want to spoil anything, but suffice to say that while the story will end on a relationship resolution, it won't be the kind of resolution common to most romance stories.

Another excellent update. This is the first fic I've read that really deals with the rawness of an attack like that, doesn't turn it into a prop for more general h/c. Someone getting nearly knifed or shot or something? Sure, I'll buy that they might benefit from a cuddle if that's in their nature, but this? No. Just no. (As someone else said, I hate when non-con is turned into romance. "They loved it really" makes me want to throw things)

And your characters are remaining wonderfully *in* character, too. No instant-bedside-manner!Sherlock or wilting-flower!John, they're still themselves. Little touches like Sherlock walking to the store to get the mirror are wonderful (hey, I like a bit of awwww as much as the next person, and that's practically a declaration of undying devotion from our favourite high-functioning sociopath :p.)

In some ways Sherlock might be exactly what John needs, he's unlikely to try and comfort John in any sort of physical or overly cloying way, and he's equally as unlikely to get offended if he does get a fist in the jaw for looming. [/ramble]

Unrelated to the characters, I really enjoy the way you describe things, everything is very clear without being jumbled :) (unlike my comments, sorry, I ramble)

Anyway, still not "enjoying" this, it's too raw, but wild horses couldn't stop me reading :p Please update again soon!

I can never see Sherlock as being particularly cloying or affectionate (at least, not in any serious story - I love it in crack stories, though!), and that even if he was, John's immediate response would be something along the lines of 'what the hell are you on?' And I can never believe in helpless!John - the man shot a serial killer! He's clearly a stand up and take action, 'when the going gets touch, the tough get going' kind of guy.

I also imagine Sherlock as being one of the few people who'd take a punch to the face and then only be interested in the person's technique.

And I love rambling comments - it allows me to reply with something other than a generic 'thanks' (and I feel if people have taken the time to comment, I should take the time to reply).

I am totally loving this. The characterization is spot on! The relationship realistic. I appreciate the focus on J/S rather than on Moriarty (let Mycroft deal with it...yes, I agree). Of course, I should never read comments and replies...because now I am worried where this might be going! So, far it is going authentically, but I would hate to think that they couldn't heal nor that they wouldn't grow. Ah! The torture! Update soon.

Thanks! There probably won't be much of Moriarty in the rest of this story (aside from Sherlock's occassional vengeful fantasies). And don't worry - I'm a firm believer in (semi) happy endings!

Oh this is so good! Wonderfully written, horrifying account but well handled. I really enjoy everyone`s POV, though I love John the best. You do him and Sherlock wonderfully. Can`t wait for the next chapter!

Thanks! I love writing John - his POV just comes more naturally to me than Sherlock's.

Oh, I am loving this story so much. I'm so pleased and impressed at how slowly you're taking it, and how minutely you're chronicling John's recovery and how they both deal with it. I don't think I've seen anything so detailed, and it's beautiful and heartrending. And Sherlock and John are both so IC! Thank you so much for this...

oh no……
I left my comment after Part 7……

(Deleted comment)
I'm sorry! I'll try to have it at least partially fixed by the end, I promise!

I absolutely adore this series!!! I want to ask you for permission to translate into Chinese. I know someone has already been doing it (but I'm doing different chapters). I left a message here awhile ago http://blind-author.livejournal.com/2030.html but didn't grab your attention (sign~). Here's a link to where you'll find the translation:
A million thanks!


Best John-kidnap/rape fic I've ever read. Seriously. I loved it so much. I think I love you as a writer, since your BAMF John/Anthea story is awesome too. But yes, this story is love. <3

Just hug him already or hold him or something. This lack of touch, John shutting himself off is killing me, my God. And the nightmares...oh poor John. It's marvelously painful and glorious and oh god I can't stop. It's going to kill me when it either ends or I get caught up