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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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The Republic of Heaven, Part Thirteen, contd.
john sherlock books
Title: The Republic of Heaven
Rating: NC-17 for this bit
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Slash, sex in this part.
Pairings: Sherlock/John.
Summary: HDM AU. John and Amarisa put their command of the alethiometer to good use, and Sherlock and Raniel...worry.

(Title page by [info]birddi )

Part One: The Architecture of Our Lives
Part Two: Stepping Stones
Part Three: Foundations
Part Four: Shadowed Archways
Part Five: Buried Labyrinths
Part Six: Crossing The River
Part Seven: Glimmers in Darkness
Part Eight: Perdition's Bridges
Part Nine: Building The Republic
Part Ten: Lit From Within
Part Eleven: Structural Integrity
Part Twelve: The Reader
Part Thirteen: Spiraling Down

Part Thirteen - Spiraling Down (contd.)Collapse )

Part Fourteen: God Killer

Just pulled another 're-listen to the podfic and finish up reading the rest'. And accidentally pulled an all-nighter in the process.


I can't believe I just discovered this! This is AMAZING! Thanks for writing such a great AU D: Hope things are going well for you!

I love this fic. I loved the His Dark Materials books and would not have thought that John and Sherlock would work in it. Your world building is really lovely. Any chance it will update again? I'd love to see the series finished.

Waaaahhh!! I'm hooked with this fic. Everytime I read another sherlockfic, I still imagine Amarisa and Raniel hanging around. I hope you update soon. I really like to know how this would all turn out.

Thumbs up for your creativity and ingenuity! =)