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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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The Republic of Heaven, Part Thirteen, contd.
john sherlock books
Title: The Republic of Heaven
Rating: NC-17 for this bit
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Slash, sex in this part.
Pairings: Sherlock/John.
Summary: HDM AU. John and Amarisa put their command of the alethiometer to good use, and Sherlock and Raniel...worry.

(Title page by [info]birddi )

Part One: The Architecture of Our Lives
Part Two: Stepping Stones
Part Three: Foundations
Part Four: Shadowed Archways
Part Five: Buried Labyrinths
Part Six: Crossing The River
Part Seven: Glimmers in Darkness
Part Eight: Perdition's Bridges
Part Nine: Building The Republic
Part Ten: Lit From Within
Part Eleven: Structural Integrity
Part Twelve: The Reader
Part Thirteen: Spiraling Down

Part Thirteen - Spiraling Down (contd.)Collapse )

Part Fourteen: God Killer

New episode and a new chapter! almost too much excitement :)

*wanders off to read*

A new Sherlock ep today And this fic updated? This has turned into an awesome day! Love the new chap. Especially love when S and R get protective, or worried or jealous! Their is no fighting the J&A love!

I must admit, I love writing S and R freaking out about something, while J and A are very blase about whatever's going on...

Oh, wonderful! I've been anxious for more. I enjoyed this chapter as always. I love the world you've built here.

Thanks! It's certainly a fun sandbox to play in :D

Have you ever been in love, and the whole time your heart is saying "Oh my God, yes! Oh my God, yes! Oh my God, yes!" That's how I felt when I saw that this had been updated. I am going to re-read this entire story again just in preparation for this new post. You complete me. <3

(Deleted comment)
I am sure I am not the first to say this, but this was exactly what I needed after Reichenbach.

That seems to be the general consensus...


Not only did you update my favorite WiP (well, tied with SF obviously :P), but you timed it so I could use it to distract myself from Reichenbach.


A lot of people have been saying my timing was very good with this chapter. Apparently, porn cheers everyone up - who knew?

A very awesome and hot chapter. So nice to read this after Reichenbach; an utterly delightful read. Thank you!~Sophia

I am so happy to see this update!

I'm procrastinating like crazy, I really am afraid of watching Reichenbach, so I literally clapped when I saw this on my friends list. Once again you swept me off to a magical place far away from this world. I think I have a smile on my face the entire time because my cheeks are aching now. I don't have words for how much I love Amarisa and Raniel (someone should make plushies so I can cuddle them physically as well as mentally) and as always your John and Sherlock are amazing. Every chapter is well worth the wait. Thank you :-)

Thanks! I must admit, this is a very fun sandbox to play in...

Update! Update! I feel like dancing! So Happy. You have perfect timing - new ep and your story (I choose to read your story first, maybe someday somebody will make a TV show from it). Oh I love your sex scenes, very well done. And John who is so incredible! But I'm a little sad - now I have to wait for (if there will be) new season of Sherlock and new part of your story:(

I try to include the usual s/J interaction in the sex scenes, which means giggles and banter.

I'm really happy that you updated this. This story is awesome. Thanks for writing it. <3

OMG, when I saw that there was an update it was like a manna from heaven. I couldn't believe how great it was too. You are wonderful.

What a wonderful thing to wake up to on a Monday morning!

Thank you for sharing this epic story with us!

Love this. I was just going to read the update...but no. I decided to read it all again from the beginning (at least the third time I've done this...) and bloody hell, it's just fabulous & enthralling. By the time you finish it's possible I'll have memorized the earlier chapters from all the re-reading, but I love getting the new bits fully integrated with the old ♥