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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Sherlock Fic - The Plan
colourful, hills
Title: The Plan
Rating: Maybe 15+, if I'm being very cautious.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings/ Pairings: Slash, Sherlock/John
Summary: John had a plan, and its name was Get Some Sex.  And the capitals were most certainly necessary.

AN: I needed a break from the angst-fest that is Reaction, so here this fic is. It's short and it's silly, but I wanted to write something that was just pure fun, and also that dealt with my head-canon of John as an adjusted, self-aware bisexual.  And many thanks ginbitch , who beta'd this for me.

Also, the lovely themusecalliope  has made a podfic of this story, and the wonderful sherryeris  has translated it into Chinese!


The PlanCollapse )


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I could see him coming onto John in a very roundabout way...and than, of course, losing patience and just outright asking him.

Awww, how adorable! Hot, and yet sweet, and I'm happy for them!

I'm not really open to a Sexually Active Sherlock (men or women, or Watson. Its a mix between prudish and liking Asexual!Sherlock), but I like yours. Its funny how Waston had to spell out that he was bisexual and wanted to hook up with a guy while Sherlock had to spell out that he wanted Watson.

so when's the next update to Reaction?

Thanks! And I love your Watership Down icon - that is gorgeous!

Yay! This story was great fun. I love John's capitalized plans. Using Sherlock as a walking gaydar device didn't work as anticipated when the gaydar turned out to have a personal agenda, but luckily it's a personal agenda of which we can all approve. ;) John's glee when Sherlock hadn't realized John was bi was too cute, and his realization that Sherlock REALLY cared about the relationship he was asking for made me go awwwwwww.

Thanks - it was a lot of fun to write!

Oh, I like this. A lot. :) Fellow bisexual here, so I can understand what John's going through there. Hee.

“Since when do I have virtue?” *Rofl* :)

“I was aware you had bisexual tendencies,” Sherlock grumped. “Many people do, it's just a matter of whether they embrace them or not.”

I entirely agree with Sherlock on that. :)

Thanks! I loved writing that line about virtue, largely because I could just picture John's expression when I was typing it out :D

Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you!

*cuddles fic*

Aww! This was awesome. I love sexually comfortable John (I feel he's written as repressed!John too often) and unsure Sherlock is adorable. A lovely break from the mood of Reaction :)

*wanders back over to Reaction waiting room and resumes impatient pacing*

Thanks - I love writing adjusted!bi John, and not jsut because it's my personal head-canon for him.

LOLOLOL. I agree with John: Sherlock missing out on John's bisexuality is something to laugh about forever. XD

I have a deep love for fics where John manages to keep a secret from Sherlock without even knowing he's keeping a secret :D

Yay *flailyflailyflail*

ginbitch pointed me this way, for which I must give her my second-born. My first-born? I'm saving that for you!

"There was a god, and whoever they were, they absolutely despised John Watson," made me punch the air!

*memms forever*

You wouldn't consider sticking this on 221b_slash would you? (I too have a plan - it's called Get Every Bit of Towering Genius Sherlock Fic on to That Comm)

Thanks :D And I'll certainly be willing to post to that community!

this is just splendid! hurrah to ginbitch for reccing it and to warriorbot for re-reccing it!

amongst many other things - love Sherlock's utterly characteristic interested glint when he finds out John has a few different brands of lube!


I can just picture Sherlock having done an experiment involving testing different brands of lube - for a case, of course.

This is hilarious and charming and wonderful!

Mwahahaaa! I LOVE it!! John's plans are adorable, as is Sherlock finding out about John's bisexuality. I like the twist that as soon as Sherlock finds out about John's sexuality, the roles get reversed and John is the one who is oblivious to Sherlock. Well done!

Actually, on second thoughts, don't answer that, you're probably going to come up with something really creepy and disturbing-”

I see John's thought process about Sherlock's seduction as something along the lines of 'could he be...? Nah, I'm just imagining it.'

*rolls around giggling* I loved this! You've gotten John's internal voice down so nicely. :DDDD

I love it!! xDDD
but i missed the lemon part, sex part!
omfg! i so love them! =)