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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Fanart for The Republic of Heaven!
colourful, hills
Okay, seriously people, you have to check this out!  artconserv has done some oil paintings, the links to which are below, and while they're both amazing and make me want to squeal like a giddy fangirl, her Amarisa is so spot-on it's creepy.  If you've been having trouble picturing what a black wolfdog looks like, check this out!

John and Amarisa

Sherlock and Raniel

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Sweet jesus, these are so fucking beautiful. And they're in OIL. OIL. The bane of my existence! My most frustrating medium next to watercolor! My envy for artconserve knows no bounds.

Good lord, these are gorgeous.

Those are spectacular! Wow!
I have made an ongoing epub version of your story so that I can read it on my ipad or phone when I want, I must include these lovely paintings in it. (credit to both of you of course in it!)

those are fantastic! a fitting addition to a wonderful story.

GodDAMN those are incredible.

Wow, gorgeous! The people and daemons are all beautifully done.

Amazing. Absolutely stunning work.

Wow - those are so gorgeous :)

Wow, these are lovely. I totally want an Amarisa :D.

Oh My God. These are *gorgeous*. It's so well done John and Sherlock could be photographs and Amarisa and Raniel look alive

My goodness, that is amazing work.

Wow wow wow.

WOW. Those are incredible!!

They are gorgeous! She's so talented!

Many congratulations to artconserv!

Anybody who can paint at all impresses me, but when someone can take it to this level, just wow. Those are amazing.

Wow, they are absolutely amazing.

Oh, wow, those are beautiful!!!!
I love how very real they look and feel.

(Deleted comment)
Hi, I'm not sure what the etiquette is for replying to a comment on someone else's LJ, and I apologize to blind_author if this is not okay, but I'd be glad to send you some prints. Please feel free to send me an email: artconserv7 at gmail dot com. Thank you for your comment and I'm glad you liked these. :-)


These are utterly magnificent. Wow. Just gorgeous.

brilliant, really I wonder for a minute if they were photo manips with a paint effect on!

Nope--I don't do photomanipulations. Only traditional oil paint here. :-) You can see some of my paintings in progress on my LJ, if you're interested. (you'll need to friend me if you want to see the slash stuff, though.)

I have seen images where people take photos and use some kind of filter to make it look like paint, but have no idea how to do it myself.


Those are splendidly done.

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