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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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The Republic of Heaven, Part Twelve (contd.)
colourful, hills
Title: The Republic of Heaven
Rating: NC-17 for this bit
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Slash, sex in this first part.
Pairings: Sherlock/John.
Summary: HDM AU. John's sensitivity demonstrates a near-supernatural facet, which may be the reason he will be a witch clan's downfall.

(Title page by birddi )

Part One: The Architecture of Our Lives
Part Two: Stepping Stones
Part Three: Foundations
Part Four: Shadowed Archways
Part Five: Buried Labyrinths
Part Six: Crossing The River
Part Seven: Glimmers in Darkness
Part Eight: Perdition's Bridges
Part Nine: Building The Republic
Part Ten: Lit From Within
Part Eleven: Structural Integrity
Part Twelve: The Reader

Part Twelve: The Reader (contd.)Collapse )

Part Thirteen: Spiraling Down

I think I smiled through this entire chapter. :D Sherlock and John snuggling in bed was just adorable.

Thanks! I figured I should give them that nice, peaceful morning scene before John's talent with the alethiometer is revealed...

Fantastic! So much character and plot goodness in this new chapter. I like the new development with John's hidden talent for reading the alethiometer. It opens up so many new directions for the story to take. Looking forward, as always, to more!

Just back from vacation and found the update. Yay!

Sherlock had never cuddled with his previous partners. He'd never wanted to, and had in fact actively discouraged sentimentality and clinginess – they were there to give him an orgasm, not hug him.
Poor Sherlock. This makes me so glad he's found John.

Especially having read Howl the love vs like moment is really touching.

Ok, seriously, how much fun was working out the alethiometer?

John took in the expressions of shock worn by everyone in the room, and could only sigh. “This is another thing people aren't supposed to do, isn't it?”
I love your John.

Anything that makes Mycroft afraid has got to be bad.

Oh, and Grayson's enthusiasm for Amarisa was perfect. If only his own father could have reacted that way.

Thanks! I wanted that moment in bed to call back memories of 'Howl', and I'm glad it worked :D

And I had a lot of fun with the alethiometer - there's a surprising number of websites that list the most common meanings of the symbols.

Oh I love this story SO MUCH.

I love that John can read it like a children's book. Now we're starting to understand why John is going to help bring Moriaty down. As always, a great installment to an epic and great story. I do so adore you're John and Sherlock characters =D

Oh no, oh no... I'm worried for John now D:

Well, he'll probably be okay as long as no one else knows about it...*cue scary, foreshadowing music*

Happiness. Forever. <3 <3 <3

As an extremely devout (not to say obsessive) fan of both HDM and Sherlock, I cannot express the extent of my love for this fic. Please never stop writing.

When I saw there was an update for this story, I wanted to run in circles and squee like the hysterical fangirl I can be. Then I thought 'wait, who knows when the next update will be, so you'd better enjoy it properly, by re-reading all the previous chapters first!' And I'm glad I did, because it helped me appreciate all the more all the hints you dropped before big revelations, and how you build up the story in general. In a nutshell: it's absolutely fantastic. I love every single aspect in this fanfic : the characters (I adore your John and Sherlock of course, but also your Mycroft, not to mention their parents) the plot,... Everything really.
Tl;dr : I love this story more and more, thank you so very much for sharing!

Thanks! I tried to drop hints that John would be talented at alethiometer-reading :D

(Deleted comment)
I was just bragging about you in my journal about what a wonderful author you are and then I find you updated one of my favorite stories.

I absolutely love this story and seeing how much Sherlock had in common with his father was wnderful. I also loved how John caught Mycroft off guard with his inital denial of doing a reading.

The fact that Joh is so special goes without saying, but I look forward to seeing how this newest ability changes things in the hunt for Jim. I also hope that no one with a dark purpose gets their hands on jhn. I have a feeling it would be more than Sherlock hunting them down to kill them for taking John.


Thanks! I liked the idea that Sherlock got his dignified air from Aeliana, but his experiments and child-like enthusiasm from Grayson.

I just got back from volunteering for a week, to find you had updated. *squee* It's everything I'd been hoping for. I do have one question, though. Is Carl Powers Moriarty's father, or half brother, or some other relation? And did you know there are alethiometer programs you can play with? There's one for iphones/ipads/ipods,(which I don't have so I can't give a review) and one for computers, here at: http://www.pagan-heart.co.uk/Alethiometer12-Win.zip

Given that the show implied Carl Powers died at fourteen/fifteen, he's most certainly not Moriarty's father. But given that he doesn't seem to be a witches' child, and how limited the contact Moriarty had with the outside world would have been, it's likely he's somehow connected to Moriarty's father.

And I'll have to check out that alethiometer program - it sounds like fun!

This is just so wonderful, I can't express it. I love the rich background. I love the interplay of the characters and their daemons, especially how the the daemons completely undercut their human's emotional lies.

I'm really on the edge of my seat about the plot. With the alethiometer in play, I can see how John and Sherlock can take down a Clan, especially one that's up to reinstating the Magisterium. If that clan ever figures out what John can do, it will be disaster for everyone. Don't they realize that John's obsessive downplaying of himself is what's keeping him alive and not locked in someone's cupboard someplace?

Anyway, I wish you lots of inspiration for writing the next chapter because I can't wait to read it!

"the daemons completely undercut their human's emotional lies."

Exactly this! Dæmons bring such an added layer of both complexity and honesty to relationships - the way I see it, unless they rigidly control themselves (re: Mycroft and Tehayla), they're a complete give-away of their human's thoughts and feelings.

And you're completely right - the only reason John's not locked up in a lab somewhere is because he's so reluctant to draw attention to himself.

so much love for this story, i cant even...
His Dark Materials has always been my favorite childhood series, and i still love going back to read. The way you've blended the two universes...its so perfect!

Enjoying this so much, thank you.

Re: The Republic of Heaven