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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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The Republic of Heaven, Part Eleven (contd.)
colourful, hills
Title: The Republic of Heaven
Rating: PG-13 for this bit
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Slash, mention of sex in this part.
Pairings: Sherlock/John.
Summary: HDM AU. John meets up with some old friends, Mycroft unravels the secret of the prophecy, and Sherlock searches for more information on Moriarty.

(Title page by birddi )

Part One: The Architecture of Our Lives
Part Two: Stepping Stones
Part Three: Foundations
Part Four: Shadowed Archways
Part Five: Buried Labyrinths
Part Six: Crossing The River
Part Seven: Glimmers in Darkness
Part Eight: Perdition's Bridges
Part Nine: Building The Republic
Part Ten: Lit From Within

Part Eleven: Structural Integrity


Part Eleven: Structural Integrity (contd.)Collapse )

Part Twelve: The Reader

Wow, just read the whole of the story and it is simply captivating! You entwined Sherlock and HDM so wonderfully and even though I knew sort of what was going to happen, since you followed the series, you still made it intriguing and new. I simply couldn't get enough! Hope to see more soon, thank you for the wonderful read :D

Thanks! I loved re-writing those episodes, filling in my own little details here and there...

Oh, this is still perfect! Love it! John's "I'm nothing special attitude" drives Sherlock so beautifully insane^^ Maybe they should try giving John the aletheometre(?), see what happens? I'm so looking forward to the next chapter! Pure love for this one!

Thanks! I love writing John as just completely in denial of how amazing he is. In my head, it's because of how his family reacted when Amarisa settled as a wolfdog...

You are absolutely awesome! I completely and utterly adore this story. A clever AU: complicated storyline, well thought through, detailed. Love it.

Yay! A new chapter ! \o/ How I missed this fic!
And brilliant as ever, this story really keeps getting more and more fascinating, it's amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!!! Oh I'm sure you got a kick out of watching us scramble around like headless chickens trying to figure it all out and keeping mum about it. And now there's more that you're gonna keep mum about (John's role in the prophecy etc.).

Sherlock and John were absolutely adorable in this!!! And John, dear sweet John who doesn't think he's anything special. (Well, that make him more endearing!)

Absolutely love the entire chapter! If I could I'd quote almost the entire thing back to you seeing that I basically either squeal at a line or grin like an idiot (especially the last portion where I did both....)

Anyway, update soon! I do wonder if John would give it a go at the alethiometer....

It was kind of awesome to see people debating the prophecy - I wanted to yell 'look at this, look at this, people are reading my work and THINKING about it!'

Every time I read an update I end up re-reading some of HDM. SO GOOD! (both!)

Can't wait for the next chapter! \o/

How wonderful! Many thanks for the update--it's just marvelous. I am very much enjoying the plot developments and love the direction you're taking the series. Thank you so much! :-)


Wow, this is one hell of a ride - superb writing and plotting!

Ha I called it in part eight. Pats self on back

Yes, a lot of people seemed to figure out the prophecy on their own - which was good, obviously, because it meant it was, you know, understandable, which was something I worried about when I posted it :D

Ooh er. I really really want John to get his hands on an aliethemter now. Because he'd probably be better at it then Lyra, actually. I am fully convinced that "dust"/stanislaus particles are what runs the aleithemoter, and John's so sensitive that he'd be a natural. And that's how John's sensitivity is a threat - he can read the aleithometer. And you know, John himself is badass enough, but his sensitivity in particular should make him a genius at the golden compass stuff. And obviously, sherlock's a threat because he's sherlock freakin' holmes, so basically moriarty and all that lot is DOOMED.

I'm keeping mute on the subject on John's sensitivity :D

Wow! This story is fantastic! It took me two days to read it(I had to go to work), but it was a wonderful two days. I love the way that you have mixed the two fandoms and still kept to th heart of who these people are. I also love the wonder and the uniqueness of John and Amarisa, yet how they see themselves as oridnary. I am looking forward to how this epic story plays out.


Thanks! I'm having so much fun writing this story :D

This whole verse is just brilliant. I've always been a fan of His Dark Materials, and the combination of Sherlock (which I've adored from the very first airing of Study in Pink) and Lyra's world is absolutely fascinating. Can't wait for more!

Having mentioned Iorek was a truly "awwww" moment for me. I just love that panserbjørne to pieces.

Also, the explanation about how the prophecy is about Sherlock and John is brilliant. It just didn't add up to refer to just one of them.

I love the interaction in the Holmes household ♥. And Mummy! ♥ I've always loved in the show when they mentioned Mummy :)

Excellent chapter!

Thanks! I loved throwing Iorek's name in there :D

This is -- BRILLIANT!

Absolutely brilliant!

I actually wanted to wait until you're finished but... well, I didn't. Obviously.

I can hard;y wait for more!!!

Aaaaagh! That was why the prophecy sounded disjointed if thinking that John was the only one stated in it. Moriarty was even pointing it out to us in that last chapter when he thought it was actually Sherlock as the one to bring their downfall D: Hmmm.... Moriarty's gonna know now, isn't he?

Hoooo.... wonderful chapter! Love the twist :)

Thanks! I loved watching people speculate about the prophecy :D