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colourful, hills


The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

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Semper Fidelis, Part Five
colourful, hills
Title: Semper Fidelis
Rating: Probably an R
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, and am making no profit from their use, more's the pity.
Warnings: Violence, sex
Summary: Written for a kinkmeme prompt: Moriarty frames John and "Anthea" of betrayals which cause both of the Holmes brothers to cut them off. Cue BAMF!John and BAMF!"Anthea" doing their best to clear their names. Both het and slash; Mycroft/Anthea and John/Sherlock.

(Title page by [info]mabivia)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


Part FiveCollapse )

Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight

GAHHHHH. OH GOD. MY HEART. How do you manage to make every chapter so gripping?

Must. remain. calm. until. next. chapter.

Oh. My. GOD. How could you stop the chapter here? You're just too cruel!

This is by far the best Sherlock FF I've ever read. I think I fell in love with it... :D

Yes, my cliffhangers are tools of evil, it's true :D

Gah! Can't-!! NYYYGH~*flails* NEED MORE!!! You're so cruel. It's like being given tiny shots of adrenaline each time, making the wait time worse! XO


JOHN AND ANTHEA ARE SO INCREDIBLE AND BAMF IT'S CRAZY! ♥ I love how brother-sister-like their relationship is, and the way they toured around and then kicking assassins' asses is just AWESOME. OMG I'M FEELING SO WORRIED FOR JOHN! Poor Anthea - she's so cool and she's so torn at having to leave him! I can't wait to read what happens next OMG I'm feeling so anxious! You're so amazing - you always manage to elicit such intense emotions in me every time I read your stories. ♥ This is so exciting and the pace is off the roof! ♥

Thanks! I wanted them to have some fun in Paris before everything went to hell...

Oh you're devious aren't you? First you have us laughing, then "Oh, oh!!" and now sobbing.

Please let it be Seb that Anthea clobbered but then again if it was and there are Moriarty's people come to get him what will happen to him once his in Moriarty's clutches?

I was so hoping "Mummy" was going to intervene but alas no.

If you are not making Sherlock and Mycroft pay heavily in someway by the end of this then there is no justice.

PS. great chapter by the way, more soon?

Thanks! And there will be more of 'Mummy' Holmes in the next chapter...

NO, JOHN! D: Oh god! DDD:

I absolutely love your BAMF!John who is still giggly and excited about being a tourist and eats candyfloss. He does completely mental badass things like high kicking a bad guy, and then grumbles about his muscles hurting. I'm scared for him now though, despite his soldier nerves of steel!

Your Anthea is brilliant too. Clever and brave and generally brilliant. Her developing relationship with John is really touching and fun. I can't wait to see some more awesomeness from her (and Mummy!?) when she has to rescue John!

This fic is so exciting, and so clever. Love it!

Thanks! I've loved writing the progression of Anthea and John's relationship - from tentative allies to true friends.

"As soon as they were free and clear, Anthea couldn't help asking John, “Are you sure you're not ex-SAS?”

LOL! Well they REALLY haven’t quite explained in the series why they keep flashing back to scenes of John in combat. Have they?

And Yeah! BAMF John. Even if he is an idiot. Remember your training—Always go for the eyes. ;)

Thanks! I love writing BAMF!John.

I won't stand for it if you leave me hanging too long! It's just that it's getting soo good! I'm practically salivating with anticipation. Good luck with the next chapter and I hope to all the goodness in the world that it comes soon... I can't wait for the Moriarty and John scene. It's giving me shivers!

Thanks! And the next part should be up soon!

Gah! I am so worried about John, I will be on pins and needles til the next installment! Brilliant series!

Near the beginning of this chapter I was thinking the two of them together make such a great pair. Their skills and temperament compliment each other so well that together there's nothing they can't accomplish. So of course you had to split them up.

I used to read cold war spy novels endlessly when I was in high school. This reminds me of those in all the best ways.

Thanks! I'm trying for a spy-thriller type of vibe to this story...

Oh god. John, John. You stoic, marvelous, fabulous bastard.

Everytime this updates I tell myself to not read it and wait till the whole thing is finished because I know I'm going to hate the cliffy ending and everytime I fail to prevent myself. It's just too wonderful to resist. Ug. *gnaws on fingernails*

It's weird - John is my favourite character, yet he's the one I most abuse...

I just read all five chapters of this in one fell swoop, and now I'm desperately wishing for a time machine purely for the purpose of jumping to a future point when I can read the rest. This story is so intense. It feels like it would be fantastic if filmed. Great characterization throughout. I love how John and Anthea's different ways of being BAMFs complement each other.

Your Moriarty is scary as fuck. Here's hoping Anthea and Mummy Holmes get John back SOON.

Thanks! I love writing them as complimentary badasses - as one commenter put it: Anthea = cloak, John = dagger.

And I'm always so pleased when people tell me my Moriarty is scary, because that's exactly what I try to make him.

*bites nails*

omg I so need to read what comes next

This is so addictive, I keep coming back to check nearly every day for an update. So glad I found one today, but like I said

nailbiting while reading :)

God, this is SO SUSPENSEFUL! I'm dying to see what happens next... I like John and Anthea both kicking ass so well. At least until the end...

Thanks! I love writing these two as total badasses...

Holy shit. HOLY--

I've said it so many times but I am absolutely in love with your writing and how utterly cinematic it is. It's gorgeous.


Thanks! And we'll see more of Mummy in the next chapter...