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The Blind Leading The Blind...

I don't know where the muses take me, I only know that I like it!

Oh my God. This was exquisite. I love the vividness and tenseness of the writing. Seriously, I think my face is frozen in a permanent expression of awe. Meming this like a mofo. You rock!

Thanks! I have such a weakness for badass!John...

Oh, this is glorious! Your Watson is incredible, I just wanted to cheer madly when he took Moran down. Bravo! :D

Thanks! I adore John Watson being a BAMF so, so much!

OMG BAMF John!!!!!!!!! Love, love it!

Thanks! I love badass!John so much it's not even funny...

Bloody hell! That was fantastic! And a little bit hot...

He is still wrapped in one of those ridiculous jumpers that look like they were made for him by his grandmother, and never has the phrase 'wolf in sheep's clothing' been more accurate.

Not only kicking arse, and kicking arse spectacularly well, but doing it in a cuddly jumper! I have no words... XD

Thanks! I love badass!John!

\o/ Best BAMF!John-in-a-jumper ever.

Thanks! I love John kicking ass in his jumpers!

Ooooo, SACRY BAMF John is FTW, and I bet Moran is pissing himself now.

*Mems with extream predjudice*

Thanks! I absolutely adore badass!John, especially underestimated-badass!John.

I need a "Death in a cuddly jumper" icon for these BAMFy moments of AWESOME. ::glees::

Thanks! I love the fact that John can kick ass while bearing more than a passing resemblance to a stuffed toy.

oooh, I like this- no one truly sees John for what he is!

Thanks! I love underestimated-badass!John.

I sincerely needed BAMF John tonight. Thank you.
"Doctors are healers because they know to put the human body together. Conversely, they also know how to take it apart."
"John Watson is a man who ignores his conscience when he feels the situation demands it, which is much more dangerous."
"He is still wrapped in one of those ridiculous jumpers that look like they were made for him by his grandmother, and never has the phrase 'wolf in sheep's clothing' been more accurate."
Thankyouthankyouthankyou. <3 <3 <3

Thanks! I love underestimated-badass!John. I always think the fact that he's a doctor just makes him that much scarier...

Fucking gorgeous, like everything you produce, no lie.

I cannot tell you how much I adore BAMF!Watson, but more so than that I love unexpectedly!BAMF and/or underestimated!BAMF. Watson's just BAMF all around, isn't he? This was lovely!

Thanks! I adore John being a BAMF (especially in his cuddly jumpers).

Love it. And love that it is a character study of John as much as Moran, with the tie back to the Sherlock and Moriarty parallels wonderful as well. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks! I adore badass!John!

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Thanks! I love underestimated-badass!John!

God, John is a BAMF! This was amazing. I particularly loved these lines, "It isn't a stillness a human being should have; Moran has met people who can sham it, and he can do a passing imitation of it himself, but he never feels it. Not the way Watson clearly does..."

Thanks! I love John as an underestimated BAMF!

Ahh, omg, what an amazing BAMF!John fic. You wrote the fight scene very well, and this was such an interesting look into John's character, the way in which he reacts and handles himself.

Very very well done :D

Thanks! I love writing underestimated-BAMF!John.

Very nice. I like all of the descriptions and comparisons, especially the clarification of man-eaters and the "wolf in sheep's clothing". John is so very easily overlooked.

Well done!

Thanks! I love writing John as an underestimated-badass!

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Thanks! I adore writing badass!John!

This reminds me of what Holmes said about doctors gone bad; nothing more dangerous.

Exactly! I love that quote in the original books!

Thank you for this! I've been waiting for someone to realize that John is a little scarier than Sherlock, especially in that moment when Sherlock tricks John into admitting he shot the taxi driver. Because while part of me cheered for BAMF John, the other part was gibbering, "But he shot a guy and he doesn't feel bad about it. Look, he's making the creepy sideways stare. And now he's giggling." There was also that moment in "The Blind Banker" where he made a totally crass comment about future dates as Sarah sits bawling her eyes out after escaping near death. Sherlock is the one that says the right things and comforts her. It just made me realize that John's coping mechanisms are a little screwed up -- bad-ass, but screwed up. Your fic totally captured that uncomfortable dichotomy.

Thanks! I'm of the opinion that, in his own way, John is just as cracked as Sherlock - he's just better at hiding it.

yes on BAMF!Watson! I honestly loved this story, and am so happy that more and more people see Watson as the BAMF he is, rather then just a biographer. I love your stuff too, and as everyone else said, the part about the sweater *huggles* it's such a nice sweater too...
...that came out in my head like the cop from "Fargo" at the end "And it's such a nice day..."

Thanks! I love writing badass!John!

Excellent little story! Excellent job showcasing how John is amazing and, frankly, rather scary.

John Watson is here to kick ass and wear cuddly jumpers, and now he can cross both items off his to do list. :)

Exactly! John is nice patient, forgiving and all these wonderful qualities that make him able to be friends with Sherlock, but if you get on his bad side, nothing and no one can help you!

I love your Watson. Even more than I love him in general :)
really nicely done :D

Oh, now that is lovely. I adore the way John takes it all in such stride, then shows his metaphorical teeth there at the end. Huzzah for BAMF!John! I can imagine Sherlock reacting to/inadvertently-witnessing this, and that is marvellous, too.

Thanks! I love writing badass!John!


This is so very good. I love outside viewpoints of the paradox that is John. I especially love BAMF!John.

Oh, thank you. I have to go to bed now, but I'll leave this up so I can re-read it in the morning with my coffee.

You keep writing them, and I'll keep reading them, ok?

Thanks! I love scarily-BAMF!John!

I love it when John gets to be scary. Because he is, he just hides it very well.

YES! I'm of the opinion that, in some ways, John is just as crazy as Sherlock - he just hides it better.


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